Get To Know Us

 Armani Raleigh, Founder of the Introllennial brand, was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. Introllennial is the combination of “introvert” and “millennial”. An introvert is someone who is more reserved with their energy. They are the observers, the individuals who think twice before speaking or doing. Introverts are individuals who thrive being around very few people or being alone altogether. A millennial is a generation of individuals born between 1981 and 1995.

Introllennial was created because.

Armani desired a product that he could create and wear for myself. There are many brand name products out there like Nike, Addidas, Gucci, Armani, etc. We pay premium prices for these items, we work hard for these items, yet sometimes we don’t see any other reason to support these items besides status. Armani desired to create something that was unique to him, exclusive rather. He desired the brand to stand for something bigger than just "status". He desired something that he would feel proud wearing or desired showing because it was something that he had imagined


He also desired to support the battle against mental health concerns in the black community. He desired the brand to not only be of prestige quality, but also have a purpose behind why we are here and what we stand for. As an individual who battles daily against mental triggers, social anxiety and many others, he desired to showcase how and what resources he used to help in these battles. The black community puts mental health on the back burner not because we don’t want to solve the problems, but more so we are afraid to uncover buried truths about ourselves, family, friends, customs and more. Learning of the different resources which includes connecting with a therapist, joining support groups, and other activities that help support those types of issues. Introverts are among the highest of suffering from depression, anxiety, and traumas because we are more so overshadowed by individuals who know how to speak up. Armani's desire is to create a safe space where we can help each other overcome these issues daily and also look good while doing it.

The way he desired to tell this story is through the brand characters, which are drawn by one of his sisters. It’s a depiction of a group of siblings which includes The oldest brother (JoLee) and the two younger sisters (Ryn and Ree)

The oldest is depicted as Armani, the overprotective yet caring big brother. He stands guard over his two sisters, while actively trying to provide ways to keep them on the right path. JoLee has an persona of being very reserved, standoffish, and more over off putting to some when they first interact with him. However, his tactics are to see if these individuals are worth his time and energy. Most, introverts do this to keep their circle of acquaintances small.

Ree and Ryn are JoLee’s younger sisters. They balance out because Ryn is more of the outgoing, boisterous type, while Ree favors more or less her brother. Ryn helps keep the balance by adding a little fun and spark to the other two, while Ree and JoLee keep the balance of logic and reality. 

As Introllennial develops more, we will develop the story on how their journey will proceed.